For over a decade The Business Generation Group (TBG) have engaged with all manner of decision makers from CEO’s of Multinational Corporates and Local Governments and through to SME’s and the self -employed so we have a very varied knowledge base backing us

We are not necessarily what you might imagine, we don’t use headsets, or scripts and don’t believe in pushing a prospect into agreeing to an appointment when they’re not necessarily in the right stage of the buying cycle. However what we are is experts in understanding where they are in the process, what is motivating and influencing them, and importantly when would be the right time to re-engage with them.

We are pragmatic and inquisitive conversationalists who’s natural approach gives us the ability to engage with all levels of decision makers within every industry sector, our unique style allows us to obtain key business intelligence and enables us to provide you with leads that contain richly detailed project information and are exceptionally well qualified.

Our Services

Lead Generation

Engage with the correct decision maker at their level to establish opportunities within your chosen sector. We use intelligent non-scripted conversations to maximise your success rate and dramatically increase your ROI.

Appointment Setting

Quality, qualified appointments created with your key decision makers by engaging in intelligent, open and honest, non-scripted conversations. We will fill your diary with genuine, interested prospects.

Contact Nurturing

Build relationships with Senior members (CEO’s, MD’s etc) of an organisation over a longer period due to their buying cycles and keep warm prospect leads warm until there is an sales opportunity to move forward.

Market Research

Gather your required business intelligence by engaging at the listeners’ level, creating rapport whilst gaining the necessary information in an efficient and professional manner..

Data Cleansing

The importance of clean, correct and up-to-date data is more significant than ever. Contacting your database in high volumes to efficiently, effectively and professionally update required details ready for marketing immediately.

Company Profiling

Create an in-depth understanding of your chosen companies from key members of staff, gain knowledge of market information, buying cycles, future plans, pain points, current suppliers and how best to approach for their business.

Event Marketing

Fill exhibitions, conferences, seminars and webinars with genuinely interested prospects. Couple with Lead Generation and an email campaign to maximise intelligence, opportunity and attendance.

Email Marketing

An affordable marketing tool that can make a real difference reaching your customers and prospects. We can create bespoke templates and send campaigns on your be-half, reporting on what has happened to them for you


Open dialogue in a polite, professional and efficient manner to go through your survey in the volumes you want. Full reporting back with all intelligence gained, any patterns and further relevant information.