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We are not necessarily what you might imagine from a B2B outbound call centre, for a start we don’t use headsets or prescriptive scripts. We also don’t believe in pushing a prospect into agreeing to an appointment when they’re not necessarily in the right stage of the buying cycle. However, we are experts in understanding where they are in the process, what is motivating and influencing them, and importantly when would be the right time to re-engage with them.

We are pragmatic and inquisitive conversationalists whose natural approach gives us the ability to engage with all levels of decision makers within every industry sector, our unique style allows us to obtain key business intelligence and enables us to provide our clients with leads that contain richly detailed project information and are exceptionally well qualified.

We have been working with a client that produces world class SaaS, e-procurement software and due to a hugely successful campaign we are now looking for 3 additional heads to join us in representing this prestigious brand. These Temporary Roles will go live on January 7th 2019, and subject to you delivering on pre agreed KPI`s, there is every opportunity the positions could become Permanent.

We truly believe in the following philosophies: being agile, collaborative and visible whilst also having as much fun as possible.

If you would like to work in purpose-built, air-conditioned town center offices where success is generously rewarded, please call Hayley on 01793 847007 or email Hayley – Hayley.tyler@tbggroup.co.uk