Email Marketing
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Email Marketing is the tracking and analysis of the results of a bulk email campaign. Email marketing is a far more successful than ordinary email for reaching your customers and prospects and is an invaluable tool for relationship marketing and sales pipeline building.

If you do not have the resource and capabilities to undertake your own Email Marketing, We can facilitate this for you. We can help create and send emails out on your behalf, track the analytics and report on what has happened to them for you.

After the email(s) are sent, we can monitor who has clicked and who has opened your email. We can produce easy-to-understand reports at the click of a button. This makes it possible to see what campaigns have generated the most interest and what links people have clicked on to find out more, allowing you to target resources at those most likely to be prospects.

We will also be able to tell you who has opted out of receiving your emails and email addresses that have bounced back, so you can ensure your data is accurate, and remains within email marketing directives.

This approach is perfect for keeping your brand awareness high and is especially effective when coupled with a telemarketing campaign for a more of an integrate marketing.