Appointment Setting
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Well qualified, high quality leads and appointments are a core TBG:Enterprise competency.

It goes without saying that appointment generation as part of a carefully thought out and targeted strategic Business Development Plan is critical to any organisation’s success. The better your sales team are set up on the call gaining the appointment, the more chance of success they will have when they are face to face.

We are driven by knowing that our success is each client’s success and perpetually think out of the box. We use all avenues to maximise the number of well qualified leads and appointments for our clients. We will look to arrange face-to-face and telephone appointments. Identifying the most appropriate decision maker to speak to and capturing their contact details. Presenting your service or products in a benefit-led way to the decision-maker with the objective of securing a qualified appointment.

It is far from a numbers game to us and we feel our lead and appointment generation success lies in our intelligent, open-ended discussion approach. We pride ourselves on an enviable track record of results, which we know is reflected in our clientele as they do come back time and time again.