About Us
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We don’t simply sell services, we provide solutions and realise great opportunities for your Business.

Originally established in 2001, the focus has always been on the highest quality B2B Lead Generation and Business intelligence gathering. Based in Swindon, we have a handpicked team of telemarketing consultants’ to complement any diverse or technical marketing briefs. We employ only the highest calibre of individuals to join our expanding team and have built a reputation on providing unparalleled client service and results.

The Business Generation Group work collaboratively with Clients to fully understand their brief.

We pride ourselves on that when you choose to engage with us to market your brand, our team of Telemarketers meet with you, prior to any calling taking place to fully understand your requirements and collaboratively design a bespoke Telemarketing service that meets your business requirements.

For over a decade we have engaged with all manner of decision makers from CEO’s of Local Governments and Multinational Corporates through to SME’s and the self -employed so we have a very varied knowledge base backing us. Due to our experience we work without scripts, headsets or auto diallers as its conversations and rapport building that gain appointments and leads.

Using our expertise we follow our very simple process to maximise results:

  •  Understand you, your solution and your customer’s needs.
    Engage at your customer’s level as if we are in your office, search for opportunities and successfully complete the objective of the call.
  • Communicate throughout and report back to you at campaign completion.
  • Depending on your needs we can help from the design and implementation of your website, through to web marketing management, email and social media campaigns, with telephone follow ups and all the analytics in between multi-channel marketing.

If you are looking to outsource your telemarketing or enrich your current marketing efforts then call us to discuss in more detail.